TUNDRA Console Insert

$35.00 - $55.00

This item is now MADE TO ORDER!
Please READ DESCRIPTION and be mindful that option numbers may have changed as new models are introduced.

Upon entering my truck as the proud new owner of a Gen-3 Tundra, 1794 Edition, I quickly noticed the plastic tray placed atop the center console. To me, it seemed insufficient, hard and cheap. It was evident that I needed to create a leather insert to seamlessly blend with the otherwise impeccable interior. The outcome was a meticulously tailored insert that required intricate measurements and several adjustments to the pattern.

The addition of the tray insert was undoubtedly a game-changer since it not only completes the console's impressive aesthetics but also muffles any sound from objects placed within.

Constructed from two Grade-A pieces of leather, one at the top and one at the bottom. Each layer is bonded together and strengthened with a double layer of poly-film in the center to ensure rigidity and uniformity.

Choose from the options below.
*If a certain leather color/logo combination isn't listed, add your logo choice to the cart then fill in the desired leather color in the comment area of the checkout page.

♦ 1: Saddle Tan, TUNDRA + 1794 EDITION
♦ 2: Saddle Tan, TUNDRA logo
♦ 3: Black, TUNDRA logo
♦ 4: Red, TUNDRA + TRD PRO
♦ 5: Light Grey, TUNDRA + TRD Off Road
♦ 6: Grey, TUNDRA
♦ 7: Black, TUNDRA PLATINUM w/Blue Stitching
♦ 8: Saddle Tan, SEQUOIA logo
♦ 9: Black, SEQUOIA logo
♦ 10: Black, TUNDRA + Topo-Map pattern
♦ 11: NO LOGO - leave note at checkout with leather color and model

Each purchase includes a single leather insert designed specifically to fit the bottom slidable tray. This item will not fit in the upper tray compartment.

*** (UPDATED APR. 15) Each insert is carefully handmade according to your personalized specifications at our leather workshop located in Goodrich, Michigan. The current lead time for order fulfillment is estimated at 16-18 business days due to a significant surge in order quantity. In order to expedite the shipment process, we're working additional hours every day. We really value your support and purchase!

All the best,

Jeff & Joy